Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

For anyone that might not get it, "Forbidden Love" is a parody of those old films where the guy takes the girl out to Makeout Point, and they "park", then he tries to take advantage of her. Instead of a guy and a girl, it's a guy and his car.

This video has a LONG history. I wrote it about four years ago, and actually went out by myself to film it in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I got eaten alive by mosquitos to the point that you could see the bite marks all over my face. So I only got a portion of the video done - then I accidentally deleted the footage. I filed the idea away until last November, when we went out and filmed it again. I got busy with "Stupornatural 3" and never got around to editing the video until this June.

One of the reasons the video was frequently delayed is because it didn't quite turn out to be as funny as I'd hoped. "But don't take MY word for it!"