Highlight below for fun facts about the video!

Everyone was begging for a follow-up to my first rap video "Incredibly Poor", so I wrote this rap with the idea that I wouldn't have to go outside to film any of it. I shot most of it in front of my greenscreen. It sounded easier in concept, but I had to add a LOT of special effects and transitions to make it interesting.

The audio editing was a nightmare. I actually performed the rap before I recorded the final audio track so a lot of stuff was out of sync. That's the exact opposite of how you're supposed to do it. It took days to fix everything up, slowing down the audio track, speeding up some of my footage, etc.

My cousin Zach Schmidt makes his acting debut here, and thanks to Ronnie Lee Hurst for providing the voice of "Alex Trebek".

If you're really obsessed, you can freeze-frame on some of my papers and read my ideas for upcoming videos...