Highlight below for fun facts about the animation!

This is by far the longest "Michael's Stand-Up" I've done (5:34 long, 10060 frames of animation )
and the longest and most complex animation I've done to date.

I started work on this in mid-January and finished it at the end of May. I also completed
"Michael's Stand-Up 4", the first six "Late Night Boredom" episodes, 14 comic strips, six
chapters of my book, and 49 Original Themes songs during this time. And I have a job!
So gimme a break!

There is a great deal of bonus material hidden throughout the cartoon. I've included a complete
list of all the hidden stuff in the Extras section.

While the whole cartoon is basically a tribute to Dane Cook, I also included a shout-out to the
guys at Wicked Awesome Films because they're not only wicked, but awesome as well.

For more fun facts and stuff about the cartoon, check out the Extras section.