Highlight below for fun facts about the animation!

This is the longest "Michael's Stand-Up" to date (in terms of animation frames), and the first without
canned laughter.

The animation was done over a period of two months because I was busy with real life stuff.
(Don't you hate that?) I did a lot of work on "Michael's Stand-Up 5" at the same time.

Check out the attention to detail on my watch - you can see the second hand move! And it's accurate
for the most part. There are only a few spots where it's out of sync. I could have gone the extra mile
and fixed it, but I wanted to drive nitpickers insane. :)

Listen to the end credits for a unique version of the "Michael's Stand-Up" theme.
Click below to download it. I'm making a special variation of the theme for each new episode.

Download the "Michael's Stand-Up 4" theme!