“Squeek & Ribbit” is a cartoon about a rat named Squeek and a frog named Ribbit who are forced to live in the same cage together. What's worse, Squeek talks like a gangster and Ribbit thinks he's a bear. They will have to overcome their differences and work together to escape their cage.

Their next goal will be to escape the house, because The Kids are looking for them. Once they escape the house, they realize they have to stay together in order to survive in the outside world.

SQUEEK the rat
A small brown rat. He used to live in the sewer, underneath a mob hideout. He learned a lot from hanging around there. He talks and acts just like a gangster. He's the brains of the duo, and he comes up with all the escape plans.

RIBBIT the frog
A bright green frog. He was born in an aquarium, but due to the clumsiness of his owner, he found himself floating down a river! He was found by a group of bears living along the river, and they decided to raise him. That's why he thinks he's a bear. He's not the brightest amphibian around, and it takes a lot of effort from Squeek to convince him that he's really not a bear! He's a loyal sidekick as well.

The Kids (The Boy and The Girl) are mean, evil, torturous and cruel. The Kids will often come at the worst times to torment their pets. The audience will only get to see The Kids from the animals' point of view. Their faces are never shown.

This is Squeek and Ribbit's shared cage, and the main setting of the first few episodes of the series. Eventually a way will be found for the pair to escape this prison. The cage has a shallow pond at one end (for Ribbit) and dry bedding at the other end (for Squeek).