Highlight below for fun facts about the animation!

It took me nine (14-16 hour) days to complete this animation.

I found the song for this by accident - it was a coincidence that the lyrics matched up so well.
I came up with the idea over a year ago, and the song is what inspired me to start work on the animation.

The design of the little boy was based on my cousin Austin, whose picture happened to be by my computer at the time.

The animation takes place over a specific period of time. Small details like the Yankees cap,
"Star Wars" on the movie screen, and some of the hairstyles hint at the time frame.

Zoom in on the gravestones at the end for some more details.

This animation won the Daily 2nd Place award on Newgrounds.com, and was featured on their front page, where it was viewed over 30,000 times in three days.

At one point I was going to submit this animation to several contests, but I needed an original piece of music to replace the song. I eventually decided not to pursue this, but several musicians created original themes for me. Click below to listen to some of them!

"Sea Breeze" and "Whisper of Rain" by Zeke Porter
Unnamed Theme by James Kemp