"Hi, I'm a walking, talking slice of bread.
I guess you can just call me Bread then.
I'm the star of Food Adventures."

"Ha! Everyone knows that I'm the real star.
I'm Pineapple, but my friends call me Piney."

"Maybe we should tell them the story!"

"Well, it all started when we were on our way to a grocery store..."

"They were gonna sell us! So people could eat us!"

"Anyway, the grocery truck lost control,
and crashed into another truck carrying chemicals!"

"Next thing we knew, we could walk and talk. How about that!"

"Saving the best for last, I see. Well,
I hope you get what the story's all about.
It's about a bunch of walking, talking food, and..."

"Hey! What about the bad guys?
Oh sure, just ignore the bad guys!
We should sue!"