Highlight below for fun facts about the animation!

It took me three days to complete this animation (in between working on "Cat & Dog").

I originally drew the designs and storyboards for this animation over two years ago, when I was first
getting into animation. The plan was to hire someone to do it for me. :)

All the characters were hand-drawn and imported into Flash. Some of the varied facial expressions
were drawn in Flash and pasted over the original drawings.

The fat man was based somewhat on my friend J.R., who also used to be a character in "Bad Atom".

The car that speeds by at the beginning of the cartoon is a 1987 Toyota Tercel - my first car.

This is the first in a series of "Food Adventures" cartoons. I decided to discontinue the comic strip
series and concentrate on animations. I'll be doing one cartoon for each of the eight "FA" characters.

Download the complete "Practical Joker" score!