"Fourth Grade Nightmare" is my attempt to recreate the grade-school experience in terms that children can understand and relate to. Through the characters' dream sequences, daydreams, and so forth, we will get to view the fourth-grade experience through the imagination of a ten-year-old.

"Fourth Grade Nightmare" is also my latest idea for an animated television series. The problem is, I'm impatient, and I couldn't wait to tell my story on TV. So I completed a full-fledged comic book to introduce everyone to the characters and settings. Click here to read it!

Billy is a fourth-grader with a really big nose and a vivid imagination. He is smart and inquisitive, and always on the lookout for a new adventure, or a new place to explore. He compares himself to Christopher Columbus, except Columbus wasn't ten years old. He also likes to drag Dwayne along on his crazy adventures. You can't go exploring without your best friend.

Dwayne has been Billy's best friend since kindergarten. He has a big afro, and gets made fun of because of it. This gives him something in common with Billy, and that's why they get along so well. Dwayne likes hanging out with Billy, except when Billy wants to go on another crazy adventure. He has a good head on his shoulders, and what he lacks in raw intelligence, he makes up for in common sense.

Miss Berger is the 4th grade
homeroom teacher, and sometimes
she's a little too good to be true.
She's not above yelling at Billy, though.

Miss Finch is the other 4th grade
teacher; she teaches all reading
and math classes. She likes to
give the kids lots of homework
and take away recess. She also
includes bashing her ex-husband
as part of her lesson plan.

Brad is the classroom bully,
the biggest one in the class.
He got held back in kindergarten
and never got over it. He loves
to pick on Billy and Dwayne, and
never gets caught (just like in
real life).

"Crybaby" got his nickname
because he cried all the time
in kindergarten and the other
kids never let him forget it.
He tries to be friends with
Billy and Dwayne, but they
usually manage to get
away from him.